Rocker Recipes Digital Cookbook

As the title says, Rockstar Recipes features rockstars cooking a favorite dish.

But what if you or your band aren't rockstars just yet? We understand - nobody begins their career as a star, and at the end of the day... we are fans of great, real music (written and performed by real humans).

So if you're at the "edge of glory," let us know why you should be featured on RSR: Do you have millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube? Are you selling out venues, without needing a record label to do it? Or maybe you're just flat-out great and we should know about it?

DO: Send us a link to a video showing us your talent as a musician or band (and maybe even cooking?)

DO NOT: Email or mail us EPKs, mp3s, promo materials, etc. We're all about VIDEO around here. If you can't deliver your talent on camera, we can't consider you for Rockstar Recipes. Okay? Okay.
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