Rocker Recipes Digital Cookbook

  Click here to download Brand Partner Deck (PDF If you agree with the old saying "go fishing where the fish are..." Rockstar Recipes is an excellent platform to reach a very desirable demographic using an exploding format - digital media and mobile devices. Our target demographic is consumers who love cooking and rock & roll, and who have the resources to own an iPad or iPhone. NOTE: US Apple mobile device owners have average annual household income of $60k+.

If your product or service would like to take advantage of affiliating with a fun, innovative and educational format featuring rockstars cooking a favorite dish on camera, we have sponsor/partner opportunities for nearly any company's budget.

PACKAGES. Options range from simple branding on selected content, to product integration on films, to customized recipe creation and more.

PARTNERSHIP OPTIONS. In addition to financial partnership structures, if you have a product or service that matches our content and target demographic, we also factor the market value of your product towards your participation.

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