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July 4, 2014 (Chicago IL) Legendary guitarist Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick may be well known to millions of fans around the world as an iconic rock star, but they probably didn’t know something else – he can cook too!

As part of his upcoming Artist Chapter of “Rockstar Recipes” iBook for iPads, Nielsen was filmed making two dishes at his Piece Brewery and Pizzeria in Chicago: Chocolate Pizza, plus a unique new creation called “Rick’s Signature Pizza” – a fun dish featuring his famous caricature signature “drawn” with spray cheese.

Produced by Rock & Roll Kitchen® Films, the fun and fast moving video features a short version of Cheap Trick’s classic “I Want You To Want Me” from their breakout album “Live At Budokan.” Although Nielsen likely never imagined his rock anthem would be used for a “food video,” it nonetheless proves to be a perfect choice for the “piece.” See YouTube video here (2:40 TRT) or use search term: #RickNielsen
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The “Signature Pizza” video was produced as a buzz-building YouTube promotional piece, but it is only the “appetizer” to the “entrée”: The upcoming “Rockstar Recipes” iBook for iPads. Nielsen, a world-class guitar collector and avid gadget lover, is also a longtime Apple/Mac user who was also involved with developing Quicktime VR with Apple.

According to Nielsen, “I guess I’m what they call an ‘early adopter,’ and when I was invited to cook for ‘Rockstar Recipes,’ I liked the look, the feel and the marketing plan – plus, this wasn’t being shot as a TV pilot episode.” He continues: “Doing a show that’s already set – such as ‘American Pickers,’ ‘Rachel Ray,’ ‘Midnight Special’, ‘The Tonight Show’ or ‘The Colbert Report’ (Nielsen penned its theme song) – is one thing, which is great fun and great exposure. But most pilots never get aired, including some I’ve been involved with. What I like about ‘Rockstar Recipes’ is there are no program directors or syndicators involved, which are the obstacles producers typically encounter getting their shows broadcast on ‘regular’ TV. iBooks can go straight to market and can be downloaded by anyone with an iPad or iPhone, 24/7 worldwide.”

PIECE BREWERY AND PIZZERIA. The award-winning restaurant and microbrewery was launched 14 years ago in Chicago’s Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood, and continues to thrive while a myriad of other trendy eateries and bars have come & gone.

Nielsen’s partner at Piece is Bill Jacobs – according to Nielsen, a “rockstar” in the food industry – and he may be right: According to Pizza Today magazine, Piece was the highest-grossing single unit U.S. pizzeria in 2013; Since 2002, they’ve also won 24 medals at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup. “Rick has been the greatest partner,” says Jacobs. “His marketing savvy, his brand, and his commitment to Piece has been integral to our success. When not touring, Rick stops in periodically and brings friends like Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. I could not imagine having a better business partner!”

Prior to launching Piece, Jacobs and family owned Jacobs Brothers Bagels, a multi-unit chain that was sold to BAB Systems in 1999. His newest venture is Brobagel, located next door to Piece, scheduled to open in July 2014. Jacobs purchased the building holding Piece in 2012.

In addition to “Rockstar Recipes,” Rock & Roll Kitchen® Films is supporting the “Induct Cheap Trick” campaign (Cheap Trick is not yet in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame). RRK Films will be endorsing the cause by producing assorted content including video and Twitter’s Vines, featuring “name” musicians endorsing the campaign.

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